Design Elements: Shape






1 What kinds of shape will be most appropriate to your concept? Will you use photographs? Illustrations? Shaded areas?

2 How can the shapes you're using be made to sustain the viewer's interest? Will shapes be used to break up blocks of text or to unify other elements?

3 What shape is your text taking? Does it make sense to break your text up into different shapes in order to improve the communication of your message? For example, if your body text is the form of one wide column, would it help to break it into three columns? Would the addition of a sidebar aid readability?

4 Can shapes help you lead the eye through your design? When you Look at your design, where does your eye go first?

5 Have you successfully removed any shapes that distract from the idea of the design? (Shapes are most powerful if they support the concept and give the page added meaning. Shapes can actually weaken a design if used simply as decoration.)

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