Design Elements: Line





1 Have you chosen lines that convey an appropriate mood or strengthen your idea in some way? Have you given thought to the full array of possible types of Line you might use (thick vs. thin, sharp vs. fuzzy, wavy vs. straight)?

2 How do the Lines you have chosen organize your design? Are you using Line to connect or separate other elements on the page? Do these lines actually lead the eye in the ways you intend? Have you thought of using a border as a design-eLement?

3 Are you able to use Lines to establish a grid? That is, are tines used to support columns of type or photographs, and do these Lines appear in the same position from page to page, giving your design structure and unity? (An underlying grid can be quite valuable, even if the grid Lines themselves are invisible in the design.)

4 Does your use of Line create texture in your design or ilLustration? Does this texture reinforce your idea?

5 Are you using line wisely? Are there Lines in your design that are freeloading on the design-not performing a service of any kind? (Remember to remove any Lines from your design that are not contributing to your idea; unnecessary Lines will serve only to distract from your idea.)

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